Month: July 2016

Carpe Diem … Taking Time Out

Carpe Diem … Taking Time Out

Well, over 6 months into retirement now, and only just getting my blog properly started! (I am writing this in January 2017)

The idea of this blog was to present retirement in a positive light. We have retired early (I’m 60), intending to do all the things work was getting in the way of. I know we are extremely lucky to have the finances to do that, which made me feel a little awkward about a blog. We are planning to travel, amongst other things, and I don’t want this to be just one “look at me now, I’m in ….” and “off to …. next” after another. I talked it over with my son, who writes online, and his sensible reaction was, I don’t think anyone you know begrudges you this. And when I said it felt a bit like showing off, his comment was, well, that’s what blogging is, isn’t it?

So here goes. Retirement for us is about going lots of places we’ve always wanted to but never had the time – and travel is much cheaper now I don’t have to stick to school holidays! It’s also about taking up lots of opportunities, like screen printing workshops, going to festivals, daytime concerts, as well as keeping in touch with friends.

I know it sounds corny, but we also want to contribute by donating our time and skills. We are going to be volunteer Youth Hostel managers, and stewarded for Oxfam at 2 festivals last summer.

There is so much out there to discover, it’s the next phase of life! Retirement is far from putting our feet up and not working, but finding a better name has been a challenge. A colleague suggested “taking time out to pursue other interests” – but the best idea so far has been Carpe Diem or Seize the Fish as we interpreted it!

So stand by for some positive post-work thoughts as we start seizing those fish.